5 things your boss won’t tell you

Disclaimer: Your current Boss isn’t going to like this post.

  1. Salespeople are competitors inside the agency
    Your listing boss wants to keep their profile up and can cherry pick the office call ins.They will also protect their contacts so no one else gets a look in.
  2. Salespeople are potential competitors outside of the agency
    If a salesperson starts to do well and creates momentum, there is a big issue potentially if they leave to open their own agency or get more love from a competitor and leave. This is one of the biggest fears of an agency owner and is a real risk for them.
  3. Salespeople leasing expensive cars is great for the boss.
    The boss is all for it. By encouraging salespeople to go into debt for fancy European cars it lifts the illusion that the company is doing well. The main thing though is it keeps the salesperson chasing deals to pay for their own image of success. The more debt a salesperson has the better.
  4. It’s very expensive to run an office.
    The costs to run a traditional office are huge. Franchise fees, leasing or buying offices, building outgoings like insurance and council rates, staff costs like reception and administration, property managers, trust accountant etc etc all put pressure on the agency to list and sell plenty of properties just to break even. This is another reason why owners will continue to list and sell and be a competitor of their own salespeople. Have you ever wondered why your commission splits are so low?
  5. The harder you work, the richer they get.
    You are leverage for your boss. The more you list and sell, the more money goes to the boss.
    Most agents are on a 40%-50% commission split. This seems unfair as you are actually doing all of the work.
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