5 Warning signs your boss is your biggest competitor

Disclaimer: Your current Boss isn’t going to like this post.

Have you ever wondered why your boss could be your biggest competitor?

Don’t worry about the other agents and agencies you compete with at the vendor’s kitchen table, the biggest threat can come from within your agency.
Below are the top 5 reasons your boss may want to take business away from you, but there are  many more.

  1. Overheads of running the traditional real estate business.
    It’s very expensive to run a traditional real estate agency. From the cost of renting or purchasing a street frontage office, expensive office fit outs, paying wages for administration staff through to marketing and branding the agency and even paying down debt that was accrued to start the agency, most agencies run on low profit margins.Your boss has to cover these large expenses to keep the doors open – so by listing and selling themselves, they keep the money in their own pocket meaning less opportunities to list and sell for you.
  2. The boss wants to maintain their own profile.
    Often your boss was a sales person like you who worked hard to build a profile in your area. They took a risk and opened their own office. Maintaining their own profile has now become their biggest priorities. Have you ever noticed how protective they have become about office call ins going directly to the boss??
    This can also be tied into point number 1. They need to maintain their profile to list and sell as much as possible to pay for expensive over heads.
  3. Ego.
    Real estate owners (and agents) can often have the dreaded condition called FIGJAM.
    You get the rest.
  4. They were great sales people but the make a terrible manager of humans.
    Just because they own an agency doesn’t make them automatically great business owners.
    Often managing people internally slows them down from making money listing and selling so now your boss is not only probably great at listing, they don’t have time to help you grow.
  5. The silent assassin – the commission based sales manager.
    This position could also be a base wage/commission position. If the office or group has a person in this position, there is a conflict of interest that could be effecting your ability to have office leads sent to you. This then will have an impact on your income and growth.
    By cherry picking the office leads, they deny you opportunities.
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If your boss has all of the above traits, it’s time to move on.
Your boss may be taking all of the office generating leads for themselves, claiming a vendor in the system you have been working with as one of their leads so you don’t get paid or may only pass on leads that are not ready to sell or are poor quality stock.
If this is the case, the writing is on the wall – take time to read it.

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