Learn to love real estate again

You probably started in real estate because you wanted to give great service to your clients and you started your career with enthusiasm. You loved real estate – helping people solve their problems by helping them buy or sell or both, the freedom of not being stuck in an office and meeting plenty of people sounded great. Then the grind sets in because you discover how hard it can be especially without support. All of the admin you have to do to get a sold or listing file complete, prospecting, volumes of buyer enquiries, vendor reporting and the list goes on.

In our extensive buyer process flow chart we have identified over 120 steps which is about 60 more steps than traditional real estate. How are you expected to keep up without support? And by support, we mean total support.

By taking away from you all of the unnecessary administration based tasks, you are now free to do what you loved when you first started your career – helping people. We have designed everything we do to provide your clients the best experience possible by looking at the best service industries and brands outside of real estate and applied best practice customer experience to our industry.

Now you have a model that gives your clients and every stakeholder in a real estate transaction exactly what they want – to be listened to and helped specifically to their needs.
The best part – we do all of the heavy lifting for you.

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