Selling your home with kids.

Embarking on a selling campaign can be stressful at the best of times, especially when young kids are involved!  It’s challenging for any parent to keep the house clean and tidy in preparation for open inspections.

Most of our Reside Real Estate team are parents and know first-hand the pressure and juggle of what it’s like to sell your house with kids.  Collectively we’ve also got 60 years’ experience in supporting local families to sell their home.  Here’s the top tips from our team for keeping your sanity while selling with kids:

  • Once your home is about to be listed, allow a few weeks to get prepared for the buyer inspections as well as the auction day if you choose an auction campaign.  
  • Put your ‘buyer glasses’ on and walk through your home as if you were a buyer looking at what you can do to improve the presentation of your house.  Your Reside agent will also refer our “Concierge” team member to advice as to what they believe you could do to maximise your selling potential. They can also project manage your entire preparation of your home before your home goes on the market including all trades people. This allows you to continue life as normal during the preparation stage with an expert taking care of the works, keeping your stress levels down!   Our Concierge will create a list and timeline for all the tasks that need to be completed.  Reside also offers a free visit from a stylist or interior designer who will be able to provide ideas on how to best style your home. 
  • As many parents know, kids’ toys are one of the main contributors for clutter in the home.  Pack away any toys that the kids haven’t played with for some time into boxes and store in a garage or hire a small storage shed for a few months.  The kids can keep a basket of their favourite toys in their room.  It’s also a great time to clear out and donate old toys, books and clothes. 
  • If you have more than one bathroom in your home, clean them both the day before and ban the kids from using one until after the opening.  Share the one that’s the easiest to clean.  On the day of the opening you will only need to wipe over one bathroom.
  • On open days or private inspections, have a basket near the door for any last-minute clutter, you might find an odd shoe, toys or clothes that have been left behind after cleaning.  Take it with you on your way out the door and put it in the car boot.
  • Call in all favours from family and friends to farm out the kids for the day of the open.  If you haven’t had any luck with a babysitter, it’s easier for one parent or grandparent to take the kids and dog out for a couple of hours leaving the other to get organised.
  • As well as the kids, see if the dog can be relocated for a few hours so you won’t be picking up the dog poop just before the opening starts. Not a good look to have it brought inside on buyers shoes….
  • You don’t want to mess up that sparking kitchen, so go out for dinner or order takeaway the night before the opening and keep breakfast simple on the morning of the opens.  If possible, do as much cleaning as necessary on the day before the opening.  Get in cleaners (or friends) to help if possible.  A thorough clean prior to the first opening makes the next few weeks a much easier.
  • If you have teenagers, get them to sleepover at a friend’s place the night before, as we all know, teenagers like to sleep in, and getting them up and moving early on a Saturday is not easy.  Make sure you get them to clean their rooms before they go!
  • Have plenty of towels or tea towels on hand for last minute wipe downs, finger print removal on windows, over doors etc.  
  • If you have young kids, plan your open times around sleep times.  Open for Inspection times are generally locked in for the whole campaign so make sure you discuss the best times for you with your Agent.  The last thing you want to do is have an open for inspection right in the middle of a two-hour sleep time. Private inspection times can usually be worked around sleep times.
  • Make sure you don’t have to run around after the kids when your most important asset is on the line on auction day..  Your agent will need you to be focused and possibly make quick decisions with clarity.  Ask for one more babysitting favour from friends or family on the day of the Auction.

Surviving a sales campaign with your kids is all about preparation, thinking ahead, utilising all your resources and calling in some favours!  Remember, your house is one of your biggest assets and putting in the extra work and preparation hopefully means you’ll be sold in no time and planning your next move. 

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