Sometimes, life gives you a second chance.

There’s always room for a second chance.

You can still sell your property

Sorry we missed you when you had your home on the market.
Reside is a new brand in town but is made up of familiar, friendly
faces of the best agents in the inner west. We’re doing things
differently and we’re starting with you. 

If you’re still interested in selling, right now you have the upper
hand, as with lock down restrictions there’s no new homes on
the market. Buyers are sitting at home scrolling the internet,
looking for newly listed homes.

Terry Fitzpatrick
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Marty Rankin
0421 605 271

house design

Property Photos & Video

You probably already have these as part of your prior marketing campaign. You likely already own them as well so, you can use them again.

Floor Plan & Copy

You probably own all of this too which is a great way to save on marketing if you want to try again. Second chances are knocking on your door.

New Marketing

If you don’t have any of these or weren’t happy with the quality to begin with, don’t worry as we can create everything again.

Selling with Reside

Creating a safe strategy

Call us to find out how we can deliver buyers virtually, without
the hassle and fuss of another traditional campaign. 

No sticky beaks, no neighbours, no marketing costs – just qualified buyers and our guarantee to ensure your needs become your reality. We’re genuine when we say we are redefining real estate – and we’d love to chat.

Reside Real Estate
71a Gamon Street, Yarraville

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