Managing your assets through COVID

2020 is like no year ever and we certainly didn’t see this coming… Victorian’s in Stage 4 of lockdown and wearing masks – who would have thought!  Some of us are coping well and others are not coping at all. I was reflecting over the weekend sitting around my fire pit. (Yes I’ve assembled a […]

Selling your home with kids.

Embarking on a selling campaign can be stressful at the best of times, especially when young kids are involved!  It’s challenging for any parent to keep the house clean and tidy in preparation for open inspections. Most of our Reside Real Estate team are parents and know first-hand the pressure and juggle of what it’s […]

5 Warning signs your boss is your biggest competitor

Disclaimer: Your current Boss isn’t going to like this post. Have you ever wondered why your boss could be your biggest competitor? Don’t worry about the other agents and agencies you compete with at the vendor’s kitchen table, the biggest threat can come from within your agency. Below are the top 5 reasons your boss […]

5 things your boss won’t tell you

Disclaimer: Your current Boss isn’t going to like this post. Salespeople are competitors inside the agency Your listing boss wants to keep their profile up and can cherry pick the office call ins.They will also protect their contacts so no one else gets a look in. Salespeople are potential competitors outside of the agency If […]