Are you considering selling your property? Now is the perfect time to make your move! The current real estate market presents a unique opportunity for sellers to achieve great results. Allow us to highlight a few key factors that make this an ideal moment to market your property: 

  1. Limited Stock Levels: Compared to the same time last year, stock levels have decreased by a significant -23%. With fewer properties available on the market, your listing will stand out and attract more attention from motivated buyers. 
  2. Rising Melbourne Prices: Since February, property prices in Melbourne have been on the rise. By listing now, you can take advantage of this upward trend and maximise the potential sale price.
  3. Consistent Sales Volumes: Despite the low stock levels, sales volumes have remained steady. This indicates that most listings are selling successfully, resulting in healthy clearance rates of over 70%. With buyers actively seeking properties, your chances of a successful sale are high.

Now is the time to act and put your property to the test in the current market. With the record-low competition, increasing prices, and buyers experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out), you have a unique opportunity to achieve outstanding results.

Considering a late Winter campaign? Beat the spring rush and gain an edge over other sellers by getting your property on the market sooner. Take advantage of historically low interest rates, as depicted in the belowchart. It clearly shows that buyers are recognizing the value, as properties continue to sell at similar volumes.

Don’t miss out on this advantageous market climate. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your property goals and navigate the current real estate landscape successfully.

source: Corelogic